Edible Earth Farm was the first farm in Western PA to offer a Choice CSA. It's like an online farmers market. You pick it, we pack it and deliver it.

CSA Pickup Locations

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  • Mt. Lebanon #1
  • Mt. Lebanon #2
  • Mt. Washington
  • Oakland
  • Oakmont
  • Phipps Conservatory [employees only]
  • Point Breeze
  • Regent Square #1
  • Regent Square #2
  • Sandy Lake
  • Slippery Rock [searching for host]
  • Sewickley
  • Shadyside
  • Squirrel Hill
  • Upper St. Clair
  • Verona
  • Wexford
  • Wanna host Edible Earth Farm's CSA?
2020 Pickup Sites
  • Bellvue [searching for new host]
  • Ben Avon
  • Bethel Park
  • Bloomfield [searching for host]
  • Brookline/Dormont [searching for host]
  • Carnegie
  • Cranberry Township
  • Cranberry Township #2 [searching for host]
  • Emsworth [searching for host]
  • Erie
  • Erie #2 [searching for another host]
  • Fox Chapel
  • Friendship
  • Greenfield
  • Green Tree [searching for host]
  • Grove City [searching for host]
  • Highland Park
  • Lawrenceville [searching for another host]
  • McMurray
  • McMurry #1 [searching for another host]
  • Morningside
  • Millvale
  • North Hills

What is a CSA

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a subscription-based business model sometimes called a farm share or farm subscription. Individuals and families prepay for a fresh food delivery subscription. Members receive a share of what the farm produces. An Edible Earth Farm CSA offers an extremely diverse program with lots of variety. It's why the farm and their CSA has been so successful.

Why Edible Earth Farm

There are many CSA farms these days. Edible Earth Farm realizes its customers have options and that drives them to be better and different from their competition. Enjoy the most up-and-coming varieties picked at perfection.

Edible Earth Farm CSA members receive these unique benefits
  • • Year-round deliveries
  • • Home deliveries to CSA members from January to mid-June. Al la carte ordering from January through mid-June.
  • • Access to a year-round farm store with over 100+ items available any given week
  • • Ability to purchase bulk items like peaches, cucumbers and tomatoes, to name only a few
  • • More than 40 host sites throughout Western PA
  • • 15% off plants and flowers in April and May
  • • Free Thanksgiving share for those who register for 2021 before October 1st, 2020
  • • Western PAs first Choice CSA where members choose all items every week. Limited Choice CSA slots available.
  • • Access to pasture raised meats
  • • Unique variety. Edible Earth Farm grows over 200 varieties of vegetables, herbs and select fruits
  • • Access to private, CSA member-only Facebook group and Instagram feed. Members share recipes and meal ideas in the Facebook group. E-newsletters from the farm.
  • • Access to on-farm events, tours and educational sessions
  • • A meaningful connection to first generation farmers April and Johnny

Small CSA Share vs. Large CSA Share

Some CSAs offer their small share customers less variety. Not us! We strive to provide a wide variety of fruit, vegetables and herbs to all members, regardless of their share size. Our Large CSA Share includes 50% more produce than the Small Share, depending on the week's harvest. A Small CSA Share feeds approximately 1-2 adults [1 adult who loves veggies and 2 adults who eat veggies infrequently] and a Large CSA Share feeds approximately 1-2 adults and 1-2 children. Contact us for large family options. We grow 200+ varieties in an effort to provide our CSA customers with a wide variety of product.

Full Choice CSA Share vs. Traditional CSA Share

A Traditional CSA is a lesser cost CSA share where the farm decides what goes in the box each week. The value of this share type is greater than a Full Choice CSA. The farm can plan without taking the unique needs of each customer in mind. A Traditional CSA improves farm efficiency and greatly reduces waste. We pass these savings onto the customer. With a Traditional CSA, you may receive an item here or there that you don't like. However, the value received is far greater than the cost.

A Full Choice CSA is a higher cost CSA share where members can choose all of what goes into their weekly box. Small CSA customers can choose 7 items per week and a large CSA customer can choose 10 items.

Is Edible Earth Farm's CSA 100% Organic?

It depends. If you purchase a Choice CSA, you can create a pure organic delivery by only selecting items that are grown by Edible Earth Farm. Our members value a diverse CSA experience and there are very few certified organic producers in Western PA; therefore, the Traditional CSA is a mix of certified organic products and non-certified, locally grown products.

When Does the 2020 CSA Begin

Deliveries will begin the week of June 14th. First delivery day will be June 17th or 18th, depending on your delivery day. Deliveries will be made weekly for 19 weeks ending in mid-October. Our CSA start date will be announced to members via e-mail. We'll also announce the CSA start date on our website.

What is a Vacation Hold and How Does it Work

Leaving town for a week? Heading on a family vacation? No problem! Login to your account and place your CSA delivery on hold. Credits can be applied at anytime during the remaining deliveries and will allow members to "double up" their share.

Access to the Edible Earth Farm Online Farm store

Edible Earth Farm's CSA members also have access to an online farm store where additional items can be purchased and delivered with their weekly CSA. Items include: chicken, cheese, honey, eggs, produce, bulk produce, fruit, canned goods and more.

CSA Pricing

We have a dynamic pricing model that rewards early signups. Prices reflect a year of service which includes access to the off-season farmstore from January through mid-June, home delivery service, Summer CSA and more. See above for list of member benefits. Advance to the registration page to see current pricing.

Is a CSA Right for You?

• It is important to you to have a relationship with a farm and the farmers and you want to better understand what goes into producing fresh food.

• It is important to you to have super fresh, local food from a Certified Organic farm.

• You like unusual foods and are you willing to try new things. Especially important if you're considering a Traditional CSA.

• You are willing to adjust your cooking and eating habits to embrace the CSA way.

• You are NOT looking for a “deal”.

• You understand there is some risk in participating in a CSA.

• You want to find a farm that is committed to providing positive social impact through contributions to local food banks, families in need, women's shelters and homeless shelters.

How to Register

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