Annual Plant Sale is CLOSED for the season. Thank you all.
__Delivery Schedule__
Friday, May 7th from 11AM to 6PM -- Shady Side
Saturday, May 8th from 11:30AM-2:30PM -- North Hills
Saturday, May 8th from 3:30PM-6:30PM -- South Hills
Monday, May 10th from 1PM-7PM -- Sandy Lake/On-Farm

Opportunities for Local Producers

Updated March 22, 2021:The farm is close to announcing the list of new, local producers they will be partnering with for the season. If you are a local producer and you'd like to sell your items through the farm's CSA program and the West Penn Farm Alliance, contact them using the link at the top of the page. The farm sells everything from local meats to local fiber. This is great opportunity to access hunderds of customers on a weekly and bi-weekly basis.

Items include: pasta, foraged food, milk products, duck meat/eggs, rabbit, jarred goods, grains and handcrafted goods to name only a few.

Hosting Opportunities

Hosting opportunties exist for the 2021 season. The farm is picky about host sites. Must be at or near street level. Must have front porch. The street should be wide enough for a box truck. Check this link for a list of areas we are searching for hosts: